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Beautifully Simple

Charge it, snap it, and take it with you on your next adventure. Every sip of your coffee should count. If it's served hot, let it stay hot!

Warmth is everything

Our mission is to spread the warmth. We do this literally by putting warmth in your coffee and lovingly by donating 10% of profits to causes that help humanity be happy.

It started in college

We hated throwing out the last bit of our coffee when it got cold, so we set off to invent a solution. After dozens of prototypes, Coffee Cookie was born! We hand-assembled the first 1,000 Cookies in the basement of our dorm.

It's a lifestyle

After graduating we went to China to explore manufacturing options. We chose, instead, to build our own factory in North America to ensure quality and ethical working conditions by personally hiring our employees.

We're not for those who need coffee
we're for those who need nothing
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